In which I go sleuthing… (pt. 1)

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So last week we took a “vacation” to see my family. I’ll post more about that (along with videos) later. Right now, there is treachery afoot!

We were about 72 miles into Ohio, almost to Columbus. Mel said she was going to try to take a nap, I thought “Great, I’ll listen to some music on my Cellphone / MP3 player”. I groped around my pocket where I normally keep it; surprisingly there was nothing there.

Check the other side; Still nothing.


We pulled off at a truck stop, and I used Mel’s cell to call mine. I checked the car, the trunk, my coat, my pockets. Nothing. I must have left it at home, I thought. At this point, if I were to turn around, it would add 2, maybe 3 hours to our trip, depending on how long it took to find the cell phone; And there was really no guarantee I would find it. So we pressed on; I figured I had forgotten to put it into my pocket in the first place, and that it was chilling out on our computer desk.

I emailed The Gill, who was watching Frank-the-ass-cat for us, and asked him to try calling my phone when he came over to feed Frank. I’d rest easier if I knew that it really was just hanging out on the computer desk. I mean, this is my PHONE! It plays MUSIC! It takes PICTURES!!! It has assumed the responsibility for remembering phone numbers!

Fast forward to November 30th. We arrive home about 9:30pm, bring in our luggage, and unpack a few things. I start looking in all the places I thought it would be. Nothing. I looked in random places, including in the air vents, cabinets, Mel’s fabric stash, the refrigerator (believe it or not, I have found a number of random things that were accidentally placed in the fridge and/or freezer); When you have a 1-year old running around, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Pricinple gets put to shame.

We looked outside, in the car, in my jacket (again), in our luggage (again), outside (again), in the luggage (again again), in my jacket (again again), in our luggage (again again again) — No luck yet, and before I went completely insane and checked my luggage (again again again again), I decided to just stop actively searching. Basically, I’m just moving around the house at this point, hoping to randomly stumble across the phone. There isn’t a whole lot of rhyme or reason to my methods – I may as well be searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction. I figured I’d find a phone to borrow, and maybe my phone would just turn up on its own.

All this searching, and the sleuthing has yet to begin.  (cont’d in part 2)