Final Fantasy I: All Black Belts

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aka “All you do is drink and fight.”

TFF1 Party Screenhis guide assumes that you are familiar with the main quest p
oints and where to find things. Ideally, you have already beaten the game using a more traditional mixed-strategy party. I will reference specifics only when the sequence is important.

Playing with 4 Black Belts is surprisingly fast, with minimal grinding. They are absurdly powerful when you let them do their thing (Fight naked!). If you are used to playing with Magic Users or Fighters that need fancy pants weapons, you may think that this will be challenging. I was able to beat Chaos at level
26, with only one death in the fight, and able to beat WarMech (2 deaths) and then Tiamat.

Party Formation

  • Choose 4 black belts.
  • Optional: Name them all the same name



A couple notes about this particular arrangement that won’t be immediately obvious:

  • Your party members are going to die often. It doesn’t matter. Let go of any meticulous tendencies you have towards keeping everyone at the same XP total and just embrace the chaos.
  • Party order REALLY doesn’t matter, since all four character are identical, though I tend to let characters remain at the bottom if they’ve died or have been poisoned / petrified, just to shame them.
  • You will have an OBSCENE amount of gold. BlackBelts work best when they are completely unencumbered by weapons and armor.
  • Just drink and fight. Try to avoid doing “cute” things like using fancy magic items (Mage Staff, Light Axe, etc) except when it makes sense to do so (Mage Staff vs. Undead /Ice / Weak enemies is good, using it otherwise is less effective).

PROLOGUE: The Inner Sea Region (Cornelia, Pravoka, Elfland)

FF1 Ship in port

Garland / Temple of Fiends first run

Equipment to purchase:

  • 4 Wooden Nunchakus for each character (1 ea.) (40 gp)
  • 4 Wooden Armor for each character (1 ea.) (40 gp)
  • 1 Tent (75 gp)
  • 1 Pure (75 gp)
  • As many heals as you can afford (2 or 3) (120 – 180 gp)

Start by grinding levels. You’ll want to get to about level 4 before attempting GARLAND. The party is going to be pretty pathetic at the beginning, and will likely miss a lot, and do very little damage when they hit. For now, focus on fighting in the main forest area around town and slowly work your way up to the Temple of Fiends as you are comfortable.

In between battles, if you have 2 characters that need healing, use a Tent first, then use Heals as necessary. If a character dies, walk back to town, revive him, heal at the Inn, then go back to grinding.

Before attempting to fight GARLAND, do some fights in the entry-way of the Temple of Fiends. CREEPs are good XP, though they can hit pretty hard.

HP: 106
Strategy: Fight, Fight, Fight…
(I was able to beat him at level 4)

Following this, return to Corneria, go to the item shop buy:

  • a Tent (75 gp)
  • 2-3 Pures (150 – 225 gp)
  • as many Heals as possible (60 gp x ???)

Now head across the bridge. *yawn*


March right into town, rest at the Inn, and then go to the Armor store and buy:

  • 4 Caps (1 ea.) (40 gp)

Then kick some PIRATE butt. Seriously. They really shouldn’t pose any problem (6 HP each? Please). BIKKE will sadly hand over the keys (?) to his boat. For now, though, stay on land.

Time for some grinding. This will take a little while. You’ll probably want to grind up to at least level 8 here.

When you get to level 6, experiment with de-quipping your Wooden Nunchaku and just have your party attack bare-fisted. They will deal less damage per hit, but will do more hits (the equipped weapon limits the number of hits possible, apparently), so they will do more damage overall. I’ve also found that they will get Critical Hits more often when fighting bare fisted.

As you are able to afford it, go into Pravoka Item shop and buy:

  • 4 Copper Bracelet (1 ea.) (4000 gp)

The absorb rating is comparable to Wooden Armor, which it replaces, but your Evade% increases, which makes it strictly better, cost notwithstanding.

The Pravoka region is still preferable for grinding, at this point. When you can walk to that large mountain east of the town, walk all the way to the peninsula at the top (BE CAREFUL OF REALLY NASTY DUDES AT THE TIP OF THE PENINSULA) and then all the way south to the marshes and river, without dying, you might be ready to move on to Elfland. (For me, this was level 8 or 9)

Also – you’ll be accumulating a lot of cash — start stocking up on:

  • Heal (60 gp)
  • Pure (75 gp)
  • Cabin (250 gp)

Elfland, Astos, Wizards

By this point, your party should be using no weapons, only fist-fighting. You should also have no armor, only Copper Bracelets.

The Marsh Cave is doable, just be sure to bring many Pure potions since there are so many creatures that poison.

Although the mantra is generally “drink and fight”, in the Marsh Cave, you should run frequently and forego the level grinding. An all-blackbelt party lacks the crowd-control magic to handle undead and you’ll spend a fortune on Pures because of all the poisoning monsters in there.

When you are ready, go for the Crown.

BOSS: WIZARD(s) (1-3)
HP: 84 each
(I beat them at level 8)

Crown in hand, head up to the Northwest Castle (go to Elfland first if there are any casualties), and heal to full, then prepare to fight ASTOS. You should be at least level 9 here. DON’T FORGET TO SAVE OMG.

HP: 168

This battle can be a bloodbath. He will more than likely RUB one of your characters in round 2 or 3. Just accept this. At level 8 or 9, your characters will be doling out a fair amount of damage with multiple hits. If they land a normal hit, it will probably only do single-digit damage, but they should be getting repeated criticals, for 20-40 damage each.

If ASTOS casts FIR2 or LIT2, it can just obliterate your party (the second one most certainly) — don’t bother healing your characters, just Fight, Fight, Fight until he’s dead, then head back to Elfland and sell off any weapons you’ve accumulated. Go to the item shop and buy:

  • Soft (800 gp each, buy as many as possible, since you can’t get them in Melmond)


To finish off this part of the game, you need to trade the Crystal (from ASTOS) for the Herb (from MATOYA — check one of the maps if you forget where this is — it’s north of Corneria), then take the Herb to the Elfland Prince and get the Mystic Key. Go back to the Northwest Castle and open the doors to get some loot to sell, then go to Castle Corneria and get the TNT. Take the TNT to the Dwarves (past Matoya’s Cave) and blow open the isthmus, and you’re out!

PART I: Earth Orb


Before heading to Melmond, stop by Corneria and re-supply your inventory at the Item Shop:

  • Heals (60 gp each. Buy up to 99 if you can (5,940 gp))
  • Pures (75 gp each. Buy as many as possible)

Afterwards, head over to Melmond.

BENCHMARK: at this point you should be able to kill an OGRE with maybe one attack, definitely two if you hit low. GrOGREs should be consistently killable with two attacks.

All four BlackBelts should have Copper Bracelets. Caps & Gloves optional. No equipped weapons.

Head into the Earth Cave (far southeast peninsula) and fight your way through the floors until you get to the VAMPIRE. You should be able to make quick work of him. The EARTH monsters should take about 4-6 attacks to kill, on average. If any of your characters die on the way in, be sure to re-load and try again. You can level grind in the hall of giants (first floor, immediately west of the entry stairs, every step will be a fight with 1-4 GIANTs and possibly IGUANAs as well)

With enough Heals, this leg is pretty easy.

HP: 156
(I beat him at level 10/11)


With the Ruby from the VAMPIRE, head over to the Sarda’s Cave (to the northwest of the Earth Cave) and feed that hulking Rockbiter the Ruby. Obtain the Rod from SARDA, and then head back to your ship, sail to Elfland, and re-stock on:

  • Heal (back up to 99)
  • Pure (go for 99)
  • Soft (get at LEAST 10 or 20)
  • Cabin (or Houses, if you’re practically bleeding money)

You should have a ridiculous amount of money (I had over 40,000g at this point), so there should be plenty left over.


FF1 Lich

When re-stocked, head back into the Earth Cave, venture past the VAMPIRE’s room, hit the slab with the Rod, and then continue downwards. Eventually, you’ll find the LICH.

HP: 400
(I beat him at Level 13)

The LICH is honestly really easy. Heal to absolute maximum before starting, then just Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight your way through it. I beat him in two rounds with no casualties. He did cast ICE2 once and it hit each of my members for 80-140 damage.

Jump in your ship and go west to Crescent Lake.

INTERLUDE: Class Change!

Canoe, Floater, and Rat Tail

Dock your ship and walk west towards Crescent Lake. TROLLs, BULLs, and GIANTs should be no problem. Watch out for PEDEs. They are doable but can hit really hard.

Rest, then go to the Item Shop and stock up on

  • Heal (99)
  • Pure (99)

Walk over to the 12 sages and speak with LUKAHN and the fellow next to him to receive the Canoe.

At this point, I prefer to get the Airship so I can get class-change and become Masters, and THEN take on the Volcano. It’s a little ambitious to go this route, but it makes the rest of the game easier, since you get the

BENCHMARK: My party is now level 14 and deal 80-100 damage per attack, on
average. They will frequently Critical Hit though, which is 100-200 damage each

Refer to a worldmap (press B+Select, or just find one on the Internet) to find the best entry to the labyrinth of rivers for the Ice Cave, then head in. Be sure you are fully stocked with Heals and Pures.

The one nice thing about this is that since the party cannot wear any of the equipment in the cave, a good many battles can be avoided. Refer to a map of the cave to determine the optimum pathway, but just focus on going in, getting the Floater, and getting out. If any of the party die on the way in, re-load and try again.

To reiterate: the only thing you care about is the floater. Ignore everything else.

HP: 162
(I beat him at Level 14, 1 round of combat, no casualties)

Just Fight, Fight, Fight your way through. Be sure you get the Floater before
stepping on any other holes.

Once done, exit the cave, head back to your ship, and down to the Ryukhan desert to raise the Airship! But for right now, leave the Airship there, get back into the boat, and head straight south til you hit land. Then head west — press B+Select to see where you are in relation to the Castle Ordeals.

There is a river immediately next to the castle that you can access with your ship. It’s far easier than parking your Airship so far away and hoofing it in.

Tackle the Castle Ordeals, be sure to get the Zeus Gauntlet — it’s some pseudo-magic your party can use on small-fry fights, and also the Heal Staff, which heals your whole party (as per the HEAL spell) an amount equal to roughly 1/2 of a Heal Potion, each, but it can be used every round. These items are mainly useful for improving staying power on dungeon runs.

When you get to the last room, grab the Rat Tail, then heal up to max to fight the boss.

HP: 268
(I beat these at level 15, no casualties — I got lucky and only had to fight
2 though)

They’re pretty easy, but can hit hard. Fight, Fight, Fight!

When done, walk onto the throne and then head out. Take the ship back to the Ryukahn Desert, pick up the Airship, and go get your class change from Bahaumut! You’re Masters now!

PART 2: Fire Orb

Re-stock your supplies at the town of your choosing. You can stop by the town of Gaia, up in the mountains northeast of the large desert. Go to the armor store and liquidate some of that cash you’ve accumulated on:

  • 4 ProRing (20,000 gp each)
  • 4 Gold Bracelets (50,000 gp each)

In that order of priority (ProRing, THEN Gold Bracelet)

ProRings not only have a great Armor Rating (best of any gauntlet) but also protect you from all death magic, such as Rub.

Gurgu Volcano

This dungeon is comparable to the Ice Cave. Feel free to skip all the treasure chests, if you like — they’re just sell-off fodder. Most of the fights, even the FIRE fights, are very manageable. Be careful of the enemies that can cast FIR2, particularly if you encounter any RedDRs – they hit hard and can cast FIR2 repeatedly.

During most fights, you can have one of your Masters use the Heal Staff as an item to heal the party. The individual members should be hitting hard enough that three of them attacking should be more than adequate. The small healing, even at the expense of getting one or two hard hits back, will accumulate over
time and, at the very least, offset the damage done by FIR2 / Scorch / other all-party attacks.

When you finally get to KARY (she’s in the chamber to the west), Fight, Fight, Fight your way through.

HP: 600
(I beat her at Level 17, in 4 rounds with 3 casualties)


Kary is a BEAST. She hits REALLY REALLY hard. Even with my members at full life, 300 +/- 20hp, she can kill them in one hit. Don’t even bother healing, it won’t matter. Just Fight, Fight, Fight and you’ll beat her.

Head through the exit, jump on the airship, and go revive / heal your party and restock. Time to head underwater.

Part 3: Water Orb

Go to the desert west of the Waterfall, and get the “Bottle” (50,000 gp) from the Caravan in the little oasis at the north side of the desert. Take the bottle back to Gaia and use it next to the water on the northeast corner of town (accessed via the west, then north side). Talk to the fairy to get the Oxyale.

Go back to the town by the Waterfall and enter the Submarine.

Head to the northeast stairwell, and fight your way to the end of this half. There is some decent treasure, including an Opal Bracelet and the Light Axe (casts HRM2). You probably want to give the Light Axe to someone who does not currently have a magic item. Be sure to pick up the SLAB, then head back to
the beginning and go up the Northwest stairwell. There is also a Ribbon available, which will further protect one member. The Mage Staff (FIR2 on all foes) is around here too.

Ultimately, you will work your way up to Kraken.

FF1 KrakenBOSS
HP: 800
(I beat him at level 19, in 4 rounds with 1 casualty)

KRAKEN also hits really hard. Don’t bother healing here, either — just Fight with everyone.

When finished, head out and go recover and restock in town.

PART 4: Air Orb

At this point you should be level 20+.

BENCHMARK: You should be averaging 200 dmg per attack, with crits upwards of
400. Two attacks should prove more than enough for all but the most resilient
of foes, or bosses. Your HP should be pushing 400.


While you’re in this town, head into the Waterfall to get the Cube. In the Waterfall you’ll also find the Defense weapon (DEF on party), Wizard Staff (CONF on all foes), and another Ribbon. The enemies, particularly the MudGol and MUMMYs, should be no problem. MudGol are mainly magic resistant, and so easily dispatched with Fight, and MUMMYs will fall easily to the Light Axe + Mage Staff.


Go back to Melmond, talk to DR. UNNE in the Northeast corner (he looks different than most townsfolk). Jump back in the airship and fly over to Lufein. You’ll need to park just south of the small desert near Castle
Ordeals. Speak with someone in town to get the Chime.

Briefly laugh about not needing to spend 60k each on NUKE and LIF2.

Mirage Tower

Restocked and ready, park near the giant desert and walk in.

In the lower floors, you can pick up a Heal Helmet, Thor Hammer, and some random crap that you can’t use. Feel free to callously cast aside expensive armor like the Aegis shield if you need room in your inventory — there will be practically no way for you to spend all of your money on anything necessary at this point. Use the cube on the strange space-age device to ascend to the castle in the sky.

In the Floating Castle, there is another Heal Helmet (so ever member should have a healing item now), a White Shirt (INV2), a Black Shirt (ICE2), a Bane Sword (BANE), and another Ribbon, bringing your total Ribbon count to 3.

You’ll probably need to drop some of your unused equipment.


WARMECH (Variable #, though typically just 1)
HP: 1000
(I beat him at Lvl 24 with 2 casualties, 3 rounds)

If you choose to fight WARMECH… Or rather, if WARMECH chooses to fight you, you better just hope you get really lucky. If he surprises you (he always does to me), one of your members will mostly certainly die.

I had to reload several times, though I beat him on three separate occasions, only the last one left 2 party members standing. TIAMAT is nigh-impossible with only one member, unless you get really lucky with your Bane Sword.

FF1 TiamatBOSS
HP: 1000
(I beat him at Lvl 24 with no casualties, using only 2 members, 5 rounds)

I tried TIAMAT multiple times with only one character, and it’s just not possible. On a long-shot, you might get the Bane sword to kill him, when used as an item. But with two members, he’s beatable, provided he is using his abilities (Thunder, Poison) instead of just attacking you directly. Don’t heal or do anything cute during the battle, just attack away. Critical hits are key,so attacking as much as possible will help.

PART 5: Chaos

This is it. The last part.

Get a map. The temple has lots of lengthy pathways that involve fighting nasty monsters. With the ProRings and Ribbons, most of the dastardly effects (RUB, for example) should be avoidable. You should have adequate magic items to dole out any kind of elemental attack that is appropriate.

You’ll have to fight each of the four fiends again.

Skip all the treasure.

Skip the Masamune, even, since you can likely do hundreds of damage per round, anyways.

Just go straight for Chaos.

LICH HP: 500
KARY HP: 700
CHAOS HP: 2000

(I beat him at Lvl 26, 1 casualty, 5 rounds)

Use the White Shirt for INV2, and beyond that, just Fight, Fight, Fight.

Seriously. He’ll Stun some of your guys, probably kill at least one. The Ribbons and ProRings should protect your members from any instant death effects. Don’t bother doing anything cute with magic items beyond that initial INV2.

It is possible he will use CUR4, completely healing himself. This sucks. But keep going, you might still beat him and I don’t think he can use it twice. After several rounds of fighting, he should finally fall.

You did it!

FF1 Chaos defeated

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