Epson EcoTank ET-3700 and Ubuntu 17.10

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I recently acquired an Epson EcoTank ET-3700 printer. I picked it because of the refillable tanks (FINALLY SOMEONE DID THIS) and because it has network capabilities and Linux drivers.

So far, it’s been great. My kids and I printed a bunch of animal image macros / memes and made a collage:

meme collage

I’ve not tried printing photos on it but that’s not a reason I picked this printer (if I want to print photos, I’d go through a professional photo-printing service anyways). For document printing, it’s fast, crisp, and the ink tanks will apparently last you forever (plus I got a free refill set included!). It’s a pricey printer but I’m hoping to have it for a long time and that should recoup the cost on ink.

Once you’ve purchased and set up your printer (this takes 30-45 mins, seriously. Follow the directions closely.)

Setting Up Printing

Download the drivers from their Driver repository. Go to the Epson driver page and click “search”. (I can’t link directly to the search results because their stupid JSP site puts the JSESSIONID into the URL request and so any link to results I have would be invalid when you click it).

Snag all three files.

Install the first two. They’re pretty straightforward.

Ubuntu should already see your printer on the network. If it doesn’t, check your Printer Wifi settings. If they’re good, check your “search network” settings for adding a printer. When you inevitably find it, choose the Epson driver, and then ET-3700 series. You should see two drivers — choose the one that is NOT CUPS. The CUPS one doesn’t work. At least it didn’t on my machine.

I’m currently having an issue where my system periodically reverts BACK to the CUPS driver and I’m not sure how to fix it yet.

Test the printer by printing an image — don’t just “print a test page.”

Setting Up Scanning

This was surprisingly easy. Download the third file from the repository. Extract the files, then run . It will install some packages. Find the IP of your printer on your network. If you can DHCP reserve it, do that. Edit the imagescan.conf .

$ sudo vi /etc/imagescan/imagescan.conf

net.udi = networkscan:esci://
net.vendor = Epson
net.model = ET-3700 = Scanner

replace the “xxx”s above with your printer’s IP address.

Now run imagescan  from your command line. It should detect your network printer automatically, as the name “Scanner”.  (change  to something else, if you feel like it)

That’s it!

I think you can also symlink iscan to GIMP, if you want to be able to scan directly into GIMP.