Free Lunch

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Free Lunch, by David Cay Johnston, is subtitled “How the wealthiest Americans enrich themselves at government expense (and stick you with the bill).” Yes, it’s one of THOSE books. I’ve read and watched a fair share of media concerning how … Continued

Twitter for Noobz

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Unless you abstain from network television, newspapers, AND the Internet, you have likely heard the phrase “follow me on twitter.” Maybe you’ve even set up a twitter account and made an update or two. But if you’re still part of … Continued

Monty Hall

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  After John W’s skepticism, I decided to put my code where my mouth is — please see: /portfolio/monty-hall-simulator/ It has a simulator, demonstrating the superiority of switching, based on a sample size of 10,000 or less. Source code included.  … Continued

Recipe: Zucchini Bread

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Here it is! As promised yesterday, here is the recipe for Zucchini bread passed down through my family. I don’t know the origin of this particular recipe, so it might be from a cookbook, or someone else, or it could … Continued