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Well, I’m finally on Twitter. I heard about Twitter a year or two ago, through the digital grapevine, and wasn’t impressed. I have a hard enough time maintaining two blogs, a wiki, three personal projects, stupid-burning, and reading/commenting on other … Continued

Communing with Nature

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I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. “Aaron! There’s an injured bird on the sidewalk in front of the house!” I quickly dried off my hands and rushed through the house out the front door. Sure enough, flopping rather … Continued

On Patriotism

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I suppose I may be a little late joining in on this chorus, but I’ve been reflecting on some things lately; Specifically, some stuff related to the war. (you know which war) I was watching some youtube videos of Roy … Continued

Help Combat Domaineering, part II

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Back again with more prosetylization, but this time the stakes are higher. I direct you to an article written in CNN money online. It profiles a man named Kevin Hamm: businessman, self-taught low-level programmer, devout Christian, and the world’s most … Continued

Awakening of the Dryads

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There was a night a while back that began like any normal evening that spring. I was spending some time with a few of my friends. We were all talking, watching some television, eating some delicious raisin bread toast, and … Continued