Linux & Biking

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A while back, I wrote a post about biking to work, which still stands. Having biked to work the past two days, I still agree with everything I said back then. The main difference is that now I am wearing … Continued

Napoleon’s Buttons

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This is by far the most interesting book I’ve read this year (and is a definite contender for the “all-time” best, as well!) The premise of the book is “17 molecules that changed history.” From cotton to caffeine, scopolamine to … Continued

Communing with Nature

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I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. “Aaron! There’s an injured bird on the sidewalk in front of the house!” I quickly dried off my hands and rushed through the house out the front door. Sure enough, flopping rather … Continued

Awakening of the Dryads

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There was a night a while back that began like any normal evening that spring. I was spending some time with a few of my friends. We were all talking, watching some television, eating some delicious raisin bread toast, and … Continued