Hamulus Garuda, the anthropomorphized pteranadonesque character, was a very rewarding painting experience.

There’s something about a bright color being first applied to a miniature that seems to make it start to come alive almost immediately. The shade of orange, which I happened to have pre-mixed, made for an easy base coat, along with his body armor (had to darken my pre-mixed blue for that). Even with just those basic colors applied, it already seemed like it was practically going to break out of its plastic enclosure, fire off its grappling hook, and steal away into some secluded spot.

I am particularly proud of how well the eyes and teeth, as well as the head-markings, came out. I wish I could say it was all skill, but quite honestly, it was just luck — the bristles on my fine brush just happened to be forked in a way that made the eye look as though it had a pupil, and the teeth were painted on by a brush that was dried enough to be somewhat frayed; the coat went on in random linear splotches that happened to resemble his teeth.

Once I had the base skin coat established, I mixed up some more and less saturated versions for the neck, head, torso and winglets — after that application the mini looked even more alive.

The grappling hook turned out similarly successful – I happened to have a few pre-mixed colors that matched the diagram almost perfectly; there was a small amount of free-painting (painting outside the lines) on the texture on the stock of the gun, but it was a decent re-creation.

For his toenails, I dry-brushed some highlights onto it to give the feeling of wear on the ridges — similar artistic license was taken with the ridges of the body armor.

  • Miniature Set Navia Dratp
  • Medium Acrylic Paint
  • Year 2010