This miniature is named Kanaba.

I’m semi-satisfied with how he turned out. The back of him, particularly the wash / highlight work on the folds of his cape, as well as the torch ornament on his chains (also on the back — see after the jump for the gallery), both look terrific.

The bone-ish pieces on the front belly (they look like lightning bolts) weren’t represented in the cast the way they are on the card (on the card, they look more like bones) — so even though I painted them pretty accurately, they just don’t look right.

The face came out really nice though — I “helped” the sunken eye shadows by actually painting them with a very dark grey — on their own, the eyebrow ridge wasn’t quite pronounced enough to shadow itself; and really, the eyes kind of look supernaturally dark anyways.

I may, at some point, decide that I’m going to deviate from the card in that regard, and then repaint those bits to be less prominent.

I did take some creative license with the sash-straps on the front belly; on the card they are a light purple, but I felt like it really just needed a little color on the front, since pretty much everything else was purple, white, and black.

  • Miniature Set Navia Dratp
  • Medium Acrylic Paint
  • Year 2010