Midras was a relatively easy miniature to paint. I’ve been putting off painting him partly because I suspected he would be easy, and also because the bulk of his skin differs little from the base plastic gray.

He was actually a lot of fun to paint, though, and I’m really pleased with how he came out.

The skin was a Skull White with just a hint of Chaos Black mixed in. A black wash helped to bring out the detail, followed by a mostly-white dry brush, particularly on the hair and abs.

The… robe? Sari? Ass-cape? was white with a touch of red and light brown added. The gem in the head of his staff was painted first with Hormagaunt Purple, and then dry brushed with Skull White for detail — it almost perfectly matches the artwork (win!). I had to guess on the boots — they were initally VERY pink, but after a wash and some touch-up, looked a bit more regal. The floor was a combination of Sick Blue, Sombre Grey, and black wash; it gave it a nice cold stone look.

  • Miniature Set Navia Dratp
  • Medium Acrylic Paint
  • Year 2011