I’m particularly happy with three things about this, specifically:

  1. I nailed the color schemes, which may not seem like much, except that pretty much ALL the paints in this one are free-mixed.
  2. The armor / ornaments are inverted from typical gilded pieces — usually the bulk of the ornaments are darker (leather, some sort of dark metal, etc.) and the raised edges are gilded. But in this case, it’s the opposite (see the card photo). I did a gold wash, then dry brushed the brown on.
  3. The hair came out MAH-velous.I went through a couple times with the washes on this — I think I did a very dark wash the first time, and then realized that the the dark parts of the hair should really just be more saturated, rather than shadows.

Very happy with this one. The leggings weren’t a perfect match, but I think it’s what the color that the card WANTS to be. 🙂

  • Miniature Set Navia Dratp
  • Medium Acrylic Paint
  • Year 2010