RubyForGood is an annual conference (3 years in!) for Ruby and Rails developers to gather for a weekend-long code jam to write code for an organization or cause that needs it. In 2016, I was a project lead, and my project was the PDX Diaper Bank, an organization that assists needy individuals and families by providing diapers and pads.

The project was to enhance or create a better inventory tracking system. They had been using a free solution but were hitting limits with it, particularly with the arduous intake process.

Our team of 10 elected to write a new one. We used the ActiveAdmin gem as the dashboard tool, modeled out the pipeline from donation to distribution, and created a mostly-functional application in one weekend, often working late in to the evening. One wishlisted feature was to have it accept input from a Barcode, and we were able to integrate this into it.

The project is still active, and if you wish to contribute, please do! The Github link is below.