Two of my friends were married in the fall of last year, on a beautiful September day in Wisconsin. I knew I wanted to give them a painting and, knowing them, a knot seemed like an appropriate gift. The square knot is one of my favorite knots of all, and the colors I chose coincidentally happened to be the themed colors for the wedding!

This piece took several hours across many sessions to produce fully, and most of those were 20 minute sessions of touchups, allowing them to dry, and then layering another round of touch-ups. The white highlights were done using white gouache, and the deep shadows were largely dark brown/ochre watercolor with one or two spots of black in exceptionally dark areas.

I actually began this piece nearly a year prior to giving it to them, though I had hit some artistic block and couldn’t make headway on it. The knot rigging (pictured in slideshow) sat on my art desk for many months.

In a couple spots, there was additional colored pencil touchup work to add a few details where I didn’t trust the brush or liked the texture of the brush strokes enough to not muddy them with additional watercolor.

Prior to giving them the original, I took some high quality photos and digitally prepared them. Prints are available for purchase on DeviantArt (link below).