Scraping Twitpics with PHP

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Update! My twitpic scraper (as well as search API calls) have been integrated into NCSU’s Tweetgator. Check it out on Github! A couple months ago, IU East re-vamped its twitter wall. We incorporated a codebase originally developed by NCSU, and … Continued

Twitter for Noobz

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Unless you abstain from network television, newspapers, AND the Internet, you have likely heard the phrase “follow me on twitter.” Maybe you’ve even set up a twitter account and made an update or two. But if you’re still part of … Continued


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Well, I’m finally on Twitter. I heard about Twitter a year or two ago, through the digital grapevine, and wasn’t impressed. I have a hard enough time maintaining two blogs, a wiki, three personal projects, stupid-burning, and reading/commenting on other … Continued